Immunology on the web

The following websites offer may information on the immune system. Consult them to find full courses, videos, cartoons..

In english:

- Courses for the University of South Carolina led Richard Hunt
 - Course from British Society for Immunology
Hand-written tutorials
- The interactive boog by EFIS
- A MOOC Immunology by edX (Part 1)
- A MOOC Immunology by edX (Part 2)
- A MOOC Vaccinology by The Pasteur Institute
                                                      - The Blog of Armando Hasudungan

In spanish:

- The reamrakable contribution of Alfredo Correl
 and most particularly "The Immunopills", nice videos on various topics in immunology
- A MOOC Inmunologia at edX

In french:

- The cours d'immunologie de l'université de Caroline du Sud translated in french
- The association of french tearchers in immunology (ASSIM)
- A course by Philippe Sansonetti at the Collège de France
- A course by Alain Fischer at the Collège de France
- A course by Philippe Kourilsky at the Collège de France

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