Immunology for kids

 No need to wait to understand the immune system! Thanks to th Japanese Society of Immunology, The European Federation of Immunological Societies (including the French Society of Immunology), you can learn how our immune system works by reading the document Your amazing Immune system and even better by reaching the interactive presentation of this document.

You can also PLAY with our immune system or watch this DOCUMENTARY on our immune system!

There is also this MOVIE made by the Nobel Prize organization, which you can watch and understand easily!

Last but not least, you can learn how innate immune system works playing with IMMUNE DEFENSE see the trailer below!

Note: for this page credit for providing the external links must be given to EFIS (European Federation of Immunological Societies), Japanese Society of Immunology Co. Ltd. Yodosha. Nobel Prize organization and FAS (Federation of American Scientists).

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